Traveling to Connect with the Film and TV Industry

Most of my career has been in the radio/TV/film industry. I have had many roles in the industry mostly behind the camera and mike. I have been a radio DJ, done voice-overs and some commercials early in my career. I still do some voice-overs from time to time.¬† But mostly I worked for companies that supplied the industry with technology. I have traveled all over the world and visited many companies involved in this industry. As a traveler, you can visit some of these places, too. Just like visitors to Minneapolis want to see Paisley Park, and First Avenue due to Prince, and the movie “Purple Rain”, you can visit the places where others have made famous.Here is a (small) list of some of the places you might want to check out and we can arrange to take you there.

Midtown Manhattan — This is where NY radio/TV/Theater is. You can visit NBC studios, take in a Broadway play, and there are tours of the locations you have seen in TV and film. Sex in the City, Seinfeld, The Proposal, Sleepless in Seattle, Breakfast at Tiffany’s are just some of the films you can see their shooting locations on a tour. You can go early in the morning and stand in the courtyard adjacent to the Today show at 30 Rockefeller Center. You do not need tickets, but go early. If you want to see the Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon, tickets must be obtained weeks in advance online.

Burbank/Hollywood/LA — The film capital of the US. See the Hollywood Walk of Fame, tour Universal Studios, Warner Brother Studios in Burbank, visit their back lots where hundreds of films and television shows were filmed. Nearby, there is Griffith Observatory in Glendale, where Rebel Without a Cause, La La Land, Charlies Angels, and dozens of other TV and movies were filmed. The iconic Bradbury building, 304 S Broadway, LA was a location site for Murphy’s Law, Chinatown, Pay it Forward, and other films, TV series and music videos.The LA County Museum of Art – LA Story; Echo Park Lake – Gilligan’s Island; LA Union Station – Blade Runner; Millenium Biltmore – Ghostbusters. The list goes on and on. Visit the Egyptian Theater where imprints of famous actors reside in cement. Next door, is the Dolby Theatre, current home to the Oscar’s. And of course, there are the incredible residences of the stars in nearby Beverly Hills, Toluca Lake, Bel Air and Malibu. You can also be in the audience for some television shows, depending upon the time of year. You can see the Big Bang Theory, Dr. Oz, or Ellen Degenerous in LA. You may even get to see a production that is brand new. These tickets are free, but you need to apply for them in advance, typically 30 days, and because of overwhelming demand, you may not get your preferred show.

New Zealand — Home to Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings is in the Waikato region. There is a daily tour of Hobbiton for visitors. Other places include Cathedral Cove and Flock Hill for Chronicles of Narnia and Lyall Bay for King Kong, Skull Island.

United Kingdom — The UK has been a location for more movies than I can count. Notting Hill, Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abby, Alice in Wonderland (2005), The Imitation Game, Dunkirk, and many James Bond films. We can help you travel to the locations of your favorite films and television shows.

These are just some of the destinations and some of the locations that are available for tourists to visit to get a sense of the locations in your favorite shows. And many of the studios across the globe are available for tours.

Be an audience member. Several locations above have opportunities for audiences to view production of television shows live. The tickets are usually free and in high demand. If you are interested in a particular show, you will need to locate the production schedule for that show, and then learn about the procedure for obtaining tickets in advance. If you want to see a particular show, do not arrange your flights and hotel until you have confirmed your tickets for a particular date. You are not likely to get the specific date you want, especially if it is a very popular movie or show.

In the recent past, we brought a college group to Downton Abbey, and a large family to Hobbiton. We can help you as well. Call us 612-332-1100. Who knows? You might just be discovered as a future star!