We Do Destination Weddings and Honeymoons!

Your wedding is a celebration with family and friends and we can help you make it spectacular in a romantic destination. They are a surprisingly affordable choice.  Or we can plan the greatest honeymoon just for you two! It deserves as much attention and planning as the wedding itself. At Schilling / Riverdale Travel, we provide the care and service that this special occasion requires. Talk to a Schilling honeymoon/ destination specialist that will help you make your honeymoon dreams a reality.

Consider a destination wedding. We can arrange a simple family only ceremony or a big wedding in a romantic destination. Imagine getting married on a beach with your friends and family looking on. Perhaps a sunset cruise for the rehearsal dinner the day before.  

THAILAND: EXPLORE…..the land of 1000 smiles, Vibrant Bangkok with its palaces & floating markets, islands of the south with beaches & clear tropical seas, the north country for exotic jungles & elephant safaris, & Buddhist temples. Take a river tour, dine on authentic Thai food & experience dancing like nowhere else.

 GREECE: RELAX…..Stay in white-washed hotels with spectacular views of Santorini, in trendy, chic Mykonos with beaches & lots of nightlife. Crete, is the largest island with history & first class resorts. Cruise around the isles by ship or yacht, & let luxury lift your spirits.

BORA BORA & TAHITI: ENJOY…..beyond the ordinary, unspoiled, uncrowded, secluded, pristine, romantic over water bungalows. Experience the fine art of relaxation, Or swim with dolphins, feed the sharks, go 4-wheeling,  snorkel or SCUBA. Natural beauty combined with Polynesian hospitality it’s simply paradise. Check out the link Brando on the island of Tetiaroa for the ultimate in private luxury for your honeymoon. Or take a South Pacific Cruise and add a pre or post tour. The possibilities are literally endless, & abundant of options.

AFRICA: TAKE THE PATH LESS TRAVELED…… Africa Land of diverse culture, scenery and wildlife, Safaris, viewing animals in their natural habitat up close, Game drives to catch a glimpse of the “Big Five” and more, Sleeping in luxury tented camps and bush lodges, Romantic dinner by candlelight in the Serengeti, a honeymoon adventure with unforgettable memories.


This is a once in a lifetime adventure for you both, enjoy it right! Whatever you can imagine, we can probably arrange. Private villa on the beach? Whale watching? Ferrari? Sold out tickets to a special event? We have done that and more, & we will work hard to keep the costs reasonable. On a limited budget? We can find a way to give you a great experience without breaking the bank. Just give us a call! 


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