Dear Valued Customer,

With Schilling Travel’s 100th anniversary just a few short years away, today marks the beginning of yet another exciting new chapter not only for us, but also for you, our customers.

Schilling Travel is acquiring Coon Rapids-based Riverdale Travel, which has made a name for itself as one of the Twin Cities’ top leisure travel agencies. Schilling Travel and Riverdale Travel share a vision that we can better assist you and other Minnesotans to “travel right” by coming together. With over $20 million in annual sales volume, our two agencies have a combined total of 128 years of serving Minnesota’s leisure and corporate travelers.

Our success is thanks in large part to your patronage, along with the expertise of our agents you have known and trusted. Words cannot adequately convey just how grateful we have been to serve you.

In fact, after Schilling’s 94 incredible years in business, I have never been more bullish on the future of our business, which is founded on our ability to help you to “travel right” by enhancing each travel experience through our insider knowledge and expertise. Because of our ongoing desire to further increase the value proposition and personalized service we offer you, I recognized the best path forward is to join hands with one of the area’s most respected, visionary travel agencies that is also seeking growth. We have found exactly the right partner in Riverdale Travel, Sandy Anderson and her exceptional team.

At this point, nothing is materially changing. Each agency will continue operating under their distinct names. Yet, our experienced travel professionals will have access to greater resources to better serve your needs. Additionally, Sandy Anderson will serve as the President of the combined operations and Brenda Nobbe will become Vice President. As for me, I will serve as Managing Partner for Allied Continental Holdings, which will serve as our umbrella organization to ultimately acquire other agencies to make us even stronger and a true force in travel. I have also signed a partnership agreement with Amy Ferreira, which makes her a non-operating partner in Allied Continental Holdings.

While travelers today are availing themselves of countless sources of information, from online travel and review sites to social media, you are among the savviest of travelers in recognizing the enormous value we offer by knowing the ins and outs of travel.  You recognize that our agents are the ultimate social influencers who can show you how to “travel right” based upon their own personal experiences.

As we progress toward Schilling Travel’s 100th anniversary, this new chapter will help to build momentum for our celebration. With that in mind, my hope is that you are as thrilled by this exciting direction we are taking and the increased travel opportunities that will come your way. Thank you once again for being among our most prized customers. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Best regards,

Robert Herman