Group Travel

Ready For An Adventure?

Schilling/ Riverdale Travel has expert agents deeply committed to great group travel.  No matter what your requirements might be, a group of 8 friends going on an African safari, getting 40 football players, coaches and staff to an away game, bringing 50 star employees to Playa Del Carmen for an incentive reward, taking 20 people on an ecological tour of an Amazon rain-forest, sending 12 students and advisors to Delhi for a missionary trip, or anything else you can imagine, we can make it happen for your group!  All it takes is a call to our group travel department in order to begin exploring options. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, we can put together a great group trip for you.

We can also quote special interest groups that require customized itineraries and services. Group air travel for 10 or more is priced with special terms and conditions and is to your advantage.

Would you like immediate assistance? Please call 763.323.3665 during our store hours.