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Questions? We’ve got answers for you!   Get in touch with us at Schilling/Riverdale Travel and we’ll get back to you within one business day. We look forward to serving you so you can soar the sky and soak up the rays! Email, call, tweet, stop in, fill out the form below, however you choose, we will be here for all of your travel needs…


What kinds of information on travel do you provide?    The list is almost endless. We get asked all sorts of questions. We answer questions about destinations, pricing, travel methods, luggage limitations, passport and visa, electrical standards, medical requirements, accessibility, pet travel, and many other questions. Of course, we cannot forecast what the weather will be in your desired destination!

Aren’t travel agents obsolete? Can’t we just book everything on the Internet?  Not at all. We are not obsolete and in fact, business through travel agents is growing at the expense of online. Yes, you can book online.  But our professionals are excellent avoiding the pitfalls that users of the online services get into. 

What assistance do you provide to groups?   Groups are one of our specialties. Special rules apply for air, tour, and hotel reservations. We have been providing travel assistance to groups from sports teams, to corporate groups, to family reunions for over 90 years. Call us and we can setup your group trip. We work with a group of affiliated companies that we have worked with for decades and we know their quality and reliability will meet your needs. You will need at least 10 persons traveling together to get airline group rates. And we recommend going higher than that as a minimum in case someone drops out before the trip commences. Groups of less than 10 can still be accommodated using traditional booking methods. And in some cases, the tour escort can go free or reduced cost.

Why should an organization use Schilling Travel?  We have many clients who have switched from booking over the Internet to using our services. We can implement your organizations travel rules, we can provide management reports, but more importantly, we can save your organization both time and money by effectively managing your travel. What might take your employee 30-45 minutes to book online, can be handled by a simple 1-2 minute phone call to us.

Do I have to come into your office to plan a trip?   You are welcome to visit our downtown Riverdale North Loop Office Monday – Friday, we are avaible from 8:30 to 5 pm.  Our Coon Rapids location is open Monday – Friday from 8:30- 6 pm & Saturdays from 9 – 5:00 pm.   . Most of our clients deal with us through phone calls and emails.   We will correspond with you in the manner you prefer. That said, we have a complete library of materials on destinations all over the world.  You are welcome to come in at any time our office is open and view these materials. 

Who should I call or email if I have a specific destination in mind?   Our leisure agents are able to assist you regardless of destination, as all are able to use their resources to help with recommending the best options for your needs.  If an agent believes that someone else in the office would be better handling the request, then they will refer the client to that agent.     Here are some of the destination specialties of our agents: Francine: Honeymoons, Caribbean, Cruises, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Mexico, all-inclusive resorts and airfare. Robert: Caribbean, Europe, Cruises, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, UAE, SE Asia, China, Australia/NZ and Morocco, all-inclusive resorts and villa rentals. Sue: Walt Disney, Cruises, Groups, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, air fare. Mary: Luxury hotels, car rentals, limos, airfare for major cities of the world.

Do I need a passport, visa or special medical vaccinations?  The traveler has the ultimate responsibility for having complete documentation required for a trip. We will be happy to assist you with that knowledge. Requirements for a trip can change, so it is still the traveler’s ultimate responsibility to have in their possession all of the travel documents required for a trip. We will provide the links to the appropriate organizations to keep you informed.

How do I know that I my trip will go as planned, and I won’t have problems? While no one can guarantee your trip will be problem free, we take steps to minimize problems by using travel suppliers we know and trust and have used for years. We will advise on minimum connect times at airports based on the airport and abilities of the traveler. We inform travelers about issues like potential weather and political impact on travel. We provide links on our website to keep you informed. And we provide travel insurance options that protect against financial losses due to covered problems. And if you do have problems, we assist you in minimizing the impact and obtaining compensation. It’s all part of the service we offer.

What about travel protection and insurance?   Do you sell it?    And should I buy it?    Yes, we can provide travel protection and insurance. We offer several different levels of protection at competitive prices. For very expensive trips with huge cancellation penalties or travel to areas with limited medical facilities, we highly recommend taking insurance. For most domestic short trips, you probably will not need it. We will be happy to explain your options.

Can I book online through Schilling Travel for my business?   For businesses, we offer two different online booking tools, depending upon your needs. These tools will reduce your costs while keeping your required business rules in place, such as restriction on business class travel, maximum hotel pricing, and sending trips to be authorized by company management before booking. And we have live agents that view all online transactions and are there to assist if needed.

Will I be safe if I travel to the country I am planning to visit?    International travel today is very safe in most countries, but there is always a possibility of a problem regardless of the country. Some countries are less safe than others. We can help you be safer by giving you guidance on how to stay safe. We also provide a link to the US State Department that lists precautions or warnings for every country. And you should also review the Centers for Disease Control traveler information at After obtaining information on the places you plan to travel to, the final decision on where and when you go is left up to the traveler.

Can I still book travel with you if I am afraid to fly?   Yes. There are a number of rail and bus options and transatlantic ships to get you to nearly any point on the globe. In fact, when our company started in 1924, it was before commercial air travel and that is how everyone visited the planet. It is just going to take a much longer time to travel, and typically will be more expensive. But also consider this: you are safer flying than you are in taking the car, bus, or rail travel.

Are there last minute deals on cruises, airfare, and hotels? Well, sometimes. But the days of having a lot of last-minute options has evaporated. Cruise lines do not do as much last minute discounting. And air carriers usually price last minute travel very high so that any last minute savings are negated by the higher cost of getting there. But check with us and we will help you. We can usually find something for you at last minute if you are willing to be flexible on destination and departure date. And we have many promotions for specific products and times but these are usually not for last minute travel.

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Would you like immediate assistance? Please call 763.323.3665 during our store hours.

Would you like immediate assistance? Please call 763.323.3665 during our store hours.