Our History.....

 Here's a brief history on how we started and why we continue to be Minneapolis's longest living Travel Agency!

Operations Of An Agency In the 1920's

Customers in the 1920's would come in & purchase trips to New York City. The travelers might take the Great Northern Oriental Limited (the Empire Builder replaced it in 1929) to Chicago, & then transfer to the New York Central's 20th Century Limited, which would travel Chicago to NY in 20 hours and cost $51 for a compartment with a curtain! International travelers would pick a steamship going to the region of the world that they wanted to go to, and then connect to the desired cities by train or by automobile.

Schilling Travel Opens a Storefront in 1924

Wilber Schilling opened up his travel agency then. He was a Duluth teacher who had been taking student travelers on trips since 1907, & had begun an annual summer trip to Europe for adults in 1916. With his love of travel, he decided to open an agency to provide travel services to all regions. The Chandler & Schilling Travel Bureau opened up on Washington Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis in 1924. Wilber and his partner opened the business when the railroads were the primary way for city to city land travel & the steamships were the primary international travel. You could go to Alaska & Hawaii, but both were foreign countries then, and would be for another 35 years.

Imagine what the world was like in 1924...

IBM and MGM started business in 1924. Another company, Huff-Daland, got started in Monroe, Louisiana by offering crop dusting for the cotton fields, and mail transportation. It would be five years before the company was named Delta Airlines & began flying passengers. It was also three years before a man from Little Falls, Minnesota, Charles Lindberg would make his famous flight over the Atlantic.  Marlin Brando, Henry Mancini, Jimmy Carter, Tom Landry, Lee Iacocca, Ruby Dee, Buddy Hackett, Lauren Bacall, & Truman Capote all were born this year. The beloved old Memorial Stadium at the University of Minnesota also opened in 1924, What a time it was in the roaring 20's.

About Schilling Travel

Schilling Travel is a division of Allied Continental Holdings Inc. Allied is
owned by Robert Herman and Amy Ferreira.
Schilling Travel serves leisure, corporate, group, and educational
clients in the upper midwest for over 90 years. Our offices in
Minneapolis opened in 1924 by Wilbur Schilling. 
We strive for service
excellence in all that we do, providing our clients the ability to travel right.
For leisure travelers, we work to find the right trip to match interests.
For corporate and educational travelers, we help manage their travel costs
with customized services based on their needs. For group travelers, we
negotiate with travel suppliers to maximize value. Allied also owns
Riverdale Travel. In total, we have 37 agents in 3 states to serve you.

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