Why Should You Use a Travel Agent?

As a travel agency owner, I can understand that you may think of me as biased, but I truly believe that using a travel agency for your travel makes a lot of sense. Let me tell you why.

The top reasons are we can save you time and money. Anyone who has researched a vacation online can tell you it takes a lot of time and there is always some conflicting information. Take Travel Advisors website, for example: You find a hotel. There are glowing reviews from some. And others tell you it was the worst experience of their lives. Or perhaps you think you are on a website, and give out your credit card information to a spoofed website only looking like one you trust. Or you book with one of the online travel agencies only to find that they have little to no customer service upon your check in when you encounter problems.

We are here to match you to the perfect vacation. One that truly renews your spirit. It is not all one size fits all. We love to talk travel and we have extensive knowledge of the spots that most travelers want to visit. We know the times to visit, when the prices might likely be lower, what promotions are taking place, and even things like fitting you into the most appropriate room in a resort or cabin on a ship. It’s not just about the destination, resort, or cruise ship. That low price you found on a cruise? Perhaps that was an inside room in a very old ship. That $99 per person vacation for a week at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica? Its likely a scam or a bait and switch situation or perhaps you have to endure a high pressure sales presentation on timeshares.

No one likes to talk about this, but things do go wrong with travel. It might be a snowstorm, hurricane, plane delay, baggage theft, or whatever. If you purchase on your own through a website, you usually have no one to fall back on to assist you, other than some web pages and a horribly long calling tree. Before I owned a travel agency, I used one of the large online agencies. On arrival at Kennedy airport, there was no limo. Our plane was late by several hours and my wife and I spent more than an hour on hold, she with the limo company, and I with the online travel agency. Your travel agent will go the extra mile for you and change plane reservations. Contact the general manager at the resort and rectify a room problem, or alert you to a rerouting on an airline that was delayed because of weather somewhere. That is part of the service we do.

Travel agents spend time trying the same travel products that you are considering. Yes, I know it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! Recently, I traveled to the Caribbean leading a group. But I also checked out the hurricane devastation on the island of St. Maarten and Antigua. This is the fourth time I have done that for hurricane damage over the more recent years. I have been in the TSA lines during a holiday, and traveled to places like Morocco and Turkey recently. An individual agent cannot be everywhere, but we seek out comments from our clients and with our other fellow agents, we can cover much of the traveling world.

Do you know the best place on a cruise ship for your cabin? The cabin position we would recommend is based on your individual needs. Do you know how best to handle purchases in a foreign country? Whether your laptop can be taken on a flight? Can your cell phone be used in the country? What customs will allow in purchases for travelers returning to the US? What are some of the best locations for golf, SCUBA, or tennis? Your travel agent knows or will work to get you the answer.

All of us look forward to serving you and helping you get the most for your travel dollar. Call us a 612-332-1100 or email us at inquiry@schillingtravel.com